Easy peasy lemon squeezy salad dressing (Video)



Please hit the video link above!!  This is my favourite simple salad dressing. Warning, I love garlic and this dressing leaves me stinking for a day or so because of it. If you don’t want to repel vampires, tone down the garlic to your taste. This dressing goes well on potato salad, bean salads, greek salads, steamed veggies…pretty much anything.

Shake the following together in a jar, or beat with a fork in a cup

3 cloves crushed garlic
the juice of 2 lemons
1/4 cup olive oil

That’s it folks, and it’s awesome. The more you let it sit, the more the garlic takes over.
As a variation I sometimes tone down the garlic and add in a tsp of chopped herbs of my choice, I like thyme or mint or parsley or cilantro with a few slices of hot chile pepper if I’m making a thai or mexican salad (remember to strain out the hot chile before dressing your salad or someone will get a surprise)

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