Asian grilled rainbow trout

We just started selling rainbow trout in at the shop.  After trying this recipe I’m most certain that I’ll become an addict.  Good thing that it’s healthy for you.

Take one trout filet, thawed.  Cut in half for ease of flipping on the bbq. Place fish in a dish for marinating.

spoon half a cup of Erin’s favourite Asian dressing over the fish. (recipe on this site, just type “Asian dressing” in the search bar to find it)

Sprinkle half a cup chopped cilantro and half a cup chopped green onion over the fish

Add fresh cracked black pepper to taste (I use only kampot pepper for superior flavour)

Let marinate 15-20 minutes

Turn on your bbq and heat to medium.

Place trout on heated bbq.  Cook with the lid down for 5 minutes.  Flip fish and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Serve immidately.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I tried trout again just the other day – it really is a super tasty fish. I am thrilled you will be carrying locally raised trout, since the husband doesn’t get out to the Duck Mountains enough to catch our own 😉

    Can you give me a little bit of information on the supplier’s aquacultural practices?



    • You bet. The fish is raised in spring fed ponds. The spring that feeds the ponds provides 7 degree, fast moving water that keeps the fish swimming and cool, and keeps the water clean. The waste water runs through natural ditches and tributaries until it hits our lakes systems. The fish are fed halibut meal( I have very little information about how the halibut meal is procured), and are fed no growth hormones and are given no antibiotics.
      Natural resources and Manitoba water stewardship have inspected the facilities. The fish farmer has worked closely with both organizations to ensure compliance with all regulations.

      Thanks for asking!


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