Kale, the basics

So many customers are wanting to add kale to their diets.  And well you should, kale is considered a super food containing many vitamins, lots of fiber, it can lower cholesterol, had anti-inflammatory properties, and has flavonoids that may lower your risk of certain types of cancer.

To prepare you Kale, first rinse well in a tub of water.  Though our kale is spray free, it is grown in the dirt, so give it a wash to get rid of any residual grit left behind after harvest.   Fold your kale in half, and cut out the middle stem or rib.  This rib has a longer cooking time than the leaves so to avoid mushy leaves, or a chewy stem, cut it out.

Stack your de-stemmed leaves on top of each other, roll up and slice into .5 inch slices.

Slice the stems into .25 inch lengths.

Steam the leaves and stems together for 10-20 minutes, serve with lemon juice and dill or Cilantro.

I’m usually a flash in the pan kinda gal.  I like my veggies slightly undercooked and crunchy.  Mushy overcooked veggies are a sin in our household.  The exception to this rule is kale, under cooked kale has too much of a bitter taste for me.  The longer I cook it, the sweeter it gets AND it’s a solid green, it takes a LOT of cooking to make it go mushy.

Alternatively, steam your kale until tender, then sautee in butter and garlic with some thyme.

A longer cooking time will bring out kale’s sweetness.

I’ll bet you feel healthier already

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