Open face burgers with veggie sautee

You can make this recipe with fresh or frozen kale.  You can also substitute the kale with spinach or chard or bok choy or collard greens.

I used delicata squash in this recipe, but I have used regular pumpkin, red kuri, butternut, acorn squash, or any other bright orange winter squash.  I keep the peel on with the delicata, pumpkin or red kuri, but if I use other squash I peel them.

Take out 4 cups of chopped frozen kale (or other greens) and let thaw in a bowl. Or use fresh.

Sautee one chopped onion with a few cloves of garlic.  Add about a cup and a half of very thinly sliced winter squash (I use a mandolin to get it really thin) and a few cups of sliced mushrooms.

Sautee until the squash and mushrooms are soft.

Add in your kale.

Stir around until your kale is wilted and hot.

Add in about 3 tbsp mascapone cheese and 1/4 cup of light cream or full fat milk.  This soft cheese will melt and make the veggies creamy.  Stir until incorporated and creamy.  If it’s too liquidy, let it cook a bit more, if it’s too dry, add more milk.  Check out that big mountain of kale that I use for this recipe.

open face

Grill or fry your beef patties on low until done. Slice and grill some good quality bread.  I used some potato rosemary bread that we had in the freezer left over from the summer.  Place each patty on the grilled bread.  Top with a mountain of the kale/squash/mushroom sautee and serve with a knife and fork.  It’s tasty, creamy, savoury and so satisfying.  This is not your regular burger!open face 2

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